130th anniversary

130th anniversary

In April 2024, our company Řetězárna a.s. celebrated its amazing 130th anniversary since its founding. 

This significant event took place on April 20, 2024, in the IPOS hall in Jeseník, where employees, along with their families and friends, could celebrate and enjoy an evening full of fun, music, and dancing, regardless of the unpredictable April weather. 

The ceremonial evening was opened by a guitar orchestra, followed by the popular Czech performer Pokáč and the highlight of the evening was the czech music band JELEN. 

Former CEO Ing. Igor Lukáš thanked the employees for their work and handed over the symbolic scepter to his successor, the new CEO, Ing. Jiří Uhlíř, who also gave a few kind words. 

The event was unforgettable not only for the employees but also for the shareholders, important business partners, and former employees of the company. They appreciated the opportunity to meet their former colleagues and celebrate the successes of Řetězárna a.s. together, as they are, or were, part of it.

An evening filled with joy and great atmosphere will long be remembered by all attendees.

We wish Řetězárna a.s. many more years of success, orders, and satisfied customers and employees.

We believe that we will celebrate future anniversaries with the same joy!