Construction of single-leg chain sling

Any binding chains are supplied in an assembly performance. Welded performances can be only ordered in case of big series of the same construction and length. Atypical constructions of assembled chain slings can be made in accordance to a simple customers drawing.






Chains in set are not galvanized, galvanized chains should be stated in an order.
The mentioned constructions apply ZH sub-assemblies. This presents common, standard workmanship.
Applying ZHA and ZHZ sub-assemblies in the constructions, the third number in the construction mark is varied.
Oversized sub-assemblies ZHZ – x x 3
Sub-assemblies ZHA – x x 4

Sample order
Sample order of single leg chain sling, assembly performance, Grade 80, with hook, chain dia. = 13 mm, total length L = 2 000 mm.
Sling chain Grade 80, PN 07-02, 13 x 2000, construction 111